Evergreen and the nearby communities of Conifer, Indian Hills, Kittredge, Genesee and Pine are cradled in the hills where the vast Rocky Mountains meet the high plains. In the foothills, city amenities and mountain living come together, just 25 miles west of downtown Denver. The best things in life are found here … friendly people, few crowds, magnificent mountain vistas, centuries old pine forests, abundant wildlife, year around outdoor recreation, great schools, social or business opportunities and housing to suit every need and taste. While the area offers a unique mountain-suburban lifestyle the amenities and services found in the Denver Metroplex are but a short drive away.

If one thing sets our foothills communities apart it’s lifestyle.  At an average of 7,500 feet our area towns are scattered across several hundred square miles of pine and aspen laden hills, gorgeous meadows and superb snowcap mountain vistas. Reaching from the flanks of 14,260 foot Mt. Evans on the west, to the edge of the high plains on the east, about 42,000 people call this area home.  Residents are artists, engineers, scientists, airline pilots, carpenters, teachers, health care providers, retailers, government employees, homemakers and heads of corporations. Most (85%) of the workforce commute daily to nearby Denver and then at day’s end escape home to the “high country.”  About 15% both live, work or home office in our mountain communities.

Choosing the foothills means living close to Denver’s amenities while living the tranquil “mountain lifestyle”. We enjoy all that the City has to offer … great shopping, world class museum exhibits, national sports competitions, big name entertainment, theatre, and gourmet restaurants. If this appeals to you, come and visit us. Be assured you will be welcomed and it is a sure bet you may never want to leave!